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Thread: Cal - Berkeley personal statements questions

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    Cal - Berkeley personal statements questions

    Being that the application deadline for Cal - Berkeley is approaching reasonably soon, I have been working on statements for my application. For most other schools I have found some sort of guidance in terms of either word count, or how many single-space pages we were limited to. Has anybody seen this sort of information for Berkeley, for either the Personal History Statement, or the Statement of Purpose?

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    I don't know, but I hope someone answers you soon cause I have the same question.

    You might try calling the planning advisor. She isn't friendly and doesn't return phone calls, however you'll do both of us a favor IF she ever actually picks up the phone

    Keep me posted

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    Probably disgruntled from the Furloughs and pay freezes

    Tack on the additional 15% fee increase for students this next semester and an additional 15% fee increase for the 2010-2011 school year and you have a lot of disgruntled students and employees at the UC
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    UC regents just approved a 32% increase today, but it's still cheap compared to private schools

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