I am a transportation planner and am trying to figure out a few things.. I work mostly on DRI's. As there was a recent change in Senate bill 360 here in Florida, the Counties are looking in to multi-modal mitigation. As i have barely any knowledge about the transit System, I seek help from you guys.

I am working on a DRI right now and would actually like to include Transit trip reduction as well as Bike and Ped.. I have a a direction in regards to bike and Ped but wondering how to go about the Transit.

There is existing Transit line about <0.5 miles from the proposed DRI.. I have included a Transit line that passes through the site and connects the existing transit line in the travel demand model to see what would be the Transit Trip Reduction. As the Developer is obligated to the roadway mitigation, I believe that he is also obligated towards transit mitigation.

I would appreciate if anyone would be willing to give me a explanation on the Transit mitigation . Like what is the developer obligated towards the Transit. Should he pay for the purchase of a new bus, its operating cost(if yes , for how long)

Thank you