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Thread: Community development in Detroit

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    Apr 2007
    detroit, mi

    Community development in Detroit

    Hi, all,

    It's been a while since I've posted anything - I'm just about to finish up my MCRP at Pratt in NYC and I'm looking to move home to Detroit. Have worked for a microenterprise development nonprofit for the 2 years I've been here - microlending, entrepreneurial development technical assistance, etc. BA in community development, strong background in design as well as economic development. Does anyone have suggestions on where to send resumes? Ideally, I'd like to be working on neighborhood economic development in the downtown area.


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    May 2004
    Grand Rapids, Michigan (Detroit ex-pat since 2004)

    Land banking?

    Check out the land banking executive directorship (last job on this page).
    You might not be qualified for that slot, but once it's filled, presumably there will be staffing.

    The city is, understandably, going through a RIF and department re-arranging. I was in one of the several community development departments in '03 and it wasn't a bad gig.


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    Mar 2004
    Where the weak are killed and eaten.
    The land bank position is filled. That has been the only open pkanning position that I've known about in Downtown Detroit here for quite some time now, and that was in a pseudo govt position. My agency is currently frozen. If people leave (and few are finding jobs to leave to) those positions are not being filled.

    While I certainly support the infusion of new blood, the current economic state is not pretty. We have literally been on a roller coaster the last ten years, and its one of those indoor dark ones where you don't know whats going to happen next.

    If you really like lending I would look at the banks as a way to get in. Most here are in need of competent people who can do that sort of work. The largest bank here by far is Comerica, then Chase, followed by Bank of America. Then once established, the economy could be ready for you to jump. Eventually all of the old planners around here are going to have to retire!

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