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Thread: PhD applicant

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    PhD applicant

    Is anyone here applying to the PhD programs? I am having a hard time writing up my statement of purpose. How much of the statement should be talking about research agenda? I feel like I am talking a lot about my background. It has 6 paragraphs

    - Intro about where I am from
    - Undergrad (what did I learn? senior thesis)
    - Grad (what did I learn? research assistant work and independent research project)
    - Research Agenda (questions)
    - Why school X? How fit?
    - Conclusion (future plan)

    Is the above format okay? Or Should 50% of statement be about proposed research plan? I am totally confused. Any input would be much appreciated!!!!!!!

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    Nov 2009
    Somewhere far, far away
    Hi, Buzz. I have applied to two Ph.D. programs for Fall 2010 admission and have already been accepted to one of them. Very exciting.

    Your format is quite similar to the format I followed in my 'successful' essay. The other school--where I used a more creative format--hasn't responded yet. (It is admittedly a more highly-regarded program, so it may just take a little longer.) Stick with your format. It's tried and true.

    Best wishes.

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