Here is the list for Ames:

We did similar research a couple years but it did not go any farther. I
wouldn't suggest looking at high-growth or resort cities fees. It will
blow your mind how much higher they are.

To my knowledge, Ames' fees are not because of self-support. It goes into
the GF. However, building permit fees to provide a percentage of
self-support to our Inspections Division, which is a different department.

Sam Perry, Planner
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[IowaAPA] Development Fees

The City of Dubuque is considering an increase in our development fees.
Before recommending any increases, we would like to know what other Iowa
cities and counties are charging for these services. We are interested in
fees for rezonings, planned unit developments, subdivisions, site plans/
site developments, variances, conditional uses, appeals, temporary uses,
etc. If fees are posted on a city or county website, please direct us to
that link.

In addition, the City of Dubuque is interested to learn if any Iowa cities
or counties have a self-supporting guideline for fees and other revenue
for their planning and zoning departments. For example, in Dubuque our
self-support guideline from development fees is 12% of the development
services budget.

We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.


Laura Carstens
Planning Services Manager
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