So, I've been interested in International Development (planning) for the last several months. Eventually, I want to work for an organization like the World Bank or UN, or an international NGO. Recently, after talking to some professors, I've come to find out that most international developers are more focused on regional specialties. I've also come to the realization that being close to home might be in my best interests.

My question is this: I originally wanted to go into Economic Development (last year I almost enrolled in an economic departments development program, actually). Will a specialization in Economic Development still allow me to pursue employment for an international organization? I'm thinking with a Economic Development specialization I could still potentially be hired on by a consulting firm, U.S., government, etc (i.e. back home in the US), while an International specialization could preclude this from happening.

Also, could someone please fully explain the difference between International Development and Economic Development? I've discussed this with several current students and planning professors, as well as read many articles, but I was more under the impression that International Development was just the International arm of Economic Development.

Thanks, and sorry for the long post