Currently we prepare signs for posting at a site that are specific to
the proposed development. We have separate signs for Conditional Use
Permits, rezoning, variances, etc. that we hand write in the information
specific to the case. For instance, our sign for a proposed rezoning
looks something like this:


Public Hearing & Meeting to Consider


Of This Property

From Case #



Zoning Commission Meeting Board of Supervisors

Date Date

Time Time

Place: Linn County Administration Bldg Place: Linn County
Administration Bldg

930 1st St SW, Cedar Rapids 930 1st St
SW, Cedar Rapids

For information please contact Linn County Planning & Development at

We fill in the blanks and provide the sign(s) to the applicant with
instructions on where to post and when they need to be posted by. I'd
like to do a "generic" sign that we would use for any and all types of
proposals that says something to the effect that the property is
proposed for development and to contact the department with questions;
and I'd have our staff post the sign(s) at the site. If you use this
type of generic sign what is your language? Do you use it for all types
of cases? Does it work? Is there anything you'd do differently? And
finally, do you know of any other jurisdiction that does this?

Thanks for any replies.

Les Beck, Director

Linn County Planning & Development

Mailing address: 930 1st St. SW, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

Temporary office location: Linn County West (old Steve & Barry's),
Westdale Mall, 2500 Edgewood Road

Phone: 319.892.5151

Email: les.beck (AT) linncounty (DOT) org