I am finding myself in the very unfortunate situation of being close to an MS in Transportation "Engineering" and a City Planning Degree. For a number of reasons I am no longer interested in pursing the traditional paths for this career and I don't have a ton of respect for the degrees I earned or for working in local government (though I have a lot of respect for what planners deal with).

I have many years of supply chain experience and am working in this capacity again at middle level.

From an engineering perspective (to other engineers) I know my MS is not strong but it was more quantitative than the curriculum that planning students took.

Curious if anyone has had a similar experience (e.g. ex planner, people who never went into the field) and how was their degree viewed in the supply chain, transportation logistics, freight forwarding world (or anything else for that matter)?

I am not sure if people really know what it is that I have outside of planning. I do note that some schools seem to have an MS in transportation (or an additional certificate) that does include a logistics path. Mine certainty wasn't at all with this emphasis.

I am also curious if anyone knows if this intersects with Port and airport operations as these (and perhaps bridge operations) are the only public sector jobs I would be interested in.

Any advice would be appreciated. Have to look forward. No sense in looking backward. Tough times for all