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Thread: Mobility within urban neighborhoods

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    Mobility within urban neighborhoods

    Does anyone know a great example of how a business in an urban neighborhood can ensure the people can get to their store? Is the city bus the only way? Carpool? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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    Please let me clarify a little more:
    We are trying to attract a necessary store to the inner city. The only problem is the customers in the low income neighborhoods might have difficulty getting to the store. Are there any reports/studies done on how to address this problem?

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    Mar 2004
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    Ikea runs a shuttle from Downtown Detroit to their store in the nether-regions where there is no transit. This is probably not the only example of Ikea doing this. Are these the sort of examples you are looking for?

    I think carpooling for shopping would be a bit like hearding cats.

    The best way to attact shoppers is to offer better service, a cleaner environment than the alternatives and to stock the shelves with stuff people actually want. If this happens transportation becomes less of an issue.

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    Oct 2009
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    I think carpooling for shopping would be a bit like hearding cats.
    Whats is "things I attempt when drunk".

    Anyways, a shuttle is probably a good idea. You can probably find small buses that can be altered as needed from a regular car lot. If you start to get some major buisness, you can consider getting a school bus and make similar adaptions (assuming this is run by the store itself, not the city). Things I'd keep in mind: placement and time of shuttle stops (probably at or near bus stop, but inbetween physical stops) and alterations of the buses to allow for movement of more stuff (ie, cargo space).

    I think that taking out the furthest back row of chairs for a small bus (or about 1/4 of the chairs for a regular bus) would be good. After that, maybe put in some light weight shelves. That way everyone can put in whatever they need without having to worry about it getting mixed up. Or maybe use name tags on bags.

    The biggest problem I can see with this is it would raise costs if it is maintained by the store, unless it is run by the city, which might put a bad taste in the store's mouth.

    Keep us updated.

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    I am not sure that I understand your question. Is it a problem that the site is not accessible to people for some reason (inadequate parking, away from other retail, etc.) or is it that the local population do not have access to transportation other than walking or transit? Ultimately, your challenge is to provide THE best location for the the business, with the market conditions that match their needs. You won't make much headway by telling them what they can do extra to mitigate a bad situation.
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    The NFTA (Niagara Frontier Transit Authority) in Buffalo runs a special "loop" to get shoppers, including Buffalo State College students, to a variety of stores located in the North Buffalo shopping district. The route connects Buff State with the Wegman's (supermarket) on Amherst near Elmwood, the Target plaza near Delaware and Hinman, the movie theatres on Elmwood Avenue, as well as the host of retail stores/restaurants in the Delaware/Hertel area and down Delaware. Taking regular bus routes to get to some of these different venues on the same trip would mean transferring at least once and take maybe an hour or more of travel time despite the fact that these venues are in an area that's probably two miles north to south and less than that east to west.

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