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Thread: Confused about CAL's GPA Calculations

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    Dec 2009
    newport beach, california

    Confused about CAL's GPA Calculations

    "Although other universities may define it differently, U.C. Berkeley's Graduate Divison defines upper division courses as those with prerequisites of at least one lower division course in a given subject or two years of college work. Lower divison courses are those that are open to first and second year college students and that are usually basic introductory courses."

    Many of my JC classes had prerequisites so does that mean they are upper division??!?!

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    I just finished the calculations for mine, and honestly, I think a lot of it is using your best judgment. Was the course introductory or lower level in content, or was it upper level and assumed a certain pre-requisite knowledge? I wouldn't count anything at your JC as upper level, because I suspect those courses that had pre-reqs were sequential rather than one necessarily being that much more advanced than the previous.

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