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Thread: USC Master of Planning program

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    USC Master of Planning program

    Just a quick question about USC's Master of Planning program....

    On the program's web site, it gives December 15th as the scholarship deadline. But does anyone know if there is a general application deadline? I ask because I am interested in applying to USC's program, but there is no way all of my materials will make it there by the 15th. Will they still consider my application?

    Any input would be appreciated.

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    Sep 2009
    San Gabriel Valley, CA
    the official non-scholarship deadline for usc is july 1st for fall.

    however, you must remember that USC's tuition is astronomically high, and if you read last year's thread, you'll see that most aid is shelled out to those before the scholarship deadline.


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    I am certain they don't mind waiting for the GRE. Once they actually sort through everything and review files, a rep. said, they’ll email you about what’s missing, and you can go from there. Apply and shoot them an email asking about application status later. All you need now is an essay and resume, right?

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    Oct 2009
    Seoul, Korea
    So I got into USC's Masters of Planning Program for this Spring semester, but I am deferring to the Fall '10 semester. Do I need to submit this extra scholarship form before December 15th to be considered for this scholarship for the Fall? And how does this work, does the information need to be mailed? Or can you just send it in an email? I should probably direct these questions to the USC staff, but how are you guys sending them?

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