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Thread: Experienced planner, what now?

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    May 2002
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    Experienced planner, what now?

    I'm sitting here as a Senior Planner. I have a Masters Degree and AICP, along with almost 10 years of experience. I'm mid-30's with a wife and kid. I'm happy here, but am willing to make one more big move up in the field.

    What I'm wondering is, in general, would it be more worth my effort to start tacking on credentials that show training in subjects like historical preservation, charettes, and the like, or should I go after a Master of Public Administration? Given my general background, what do you all recommend?
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    Feb 1998
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    You do not need to spend your money on more schooling. I would (and did) beef up my skills and resume in what I liked. Get an article or two published--start with your chapter newsletter. Offer (sorry, make yourself available) to make presentations. Join local volunteer organizations and become an officer. Forget a second degree unless you want out of planning.

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    Dec 2008
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    Just make connections and attend forums. Its seems like the American answer to everything is more education. Ive seen people with Leed-ap, leed-np, AICP, CNU, GIS, AIA, time 1,000,0000 on their resumes. When in reality that bus driver job in Toronto someone posted makes more $$$. Jesus how do people pay maintenance fees on all these worthless titles? Ive been yelled at before this and some have agreed, but in most cases this is the truth. I guess APA is adding a TAICP for transport planners. I think we might see planners certifications worth more than the profession pays the way things are going.

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    There is merit to getting additional certifications if you are considering going into consulting, or if there is a particular job you would like to pursue that is related to the certification. Otherwise, Mike provided some excellent advice. Writing and speaking are a good way to make contacts and demonstrate expertise.
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