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Thread: NYU's graduate certificate in real estate

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    Aug 2009

    NYU's graduate certificate in real estate

    I recently applied to the certificate program in real estate at NYU, hoping that I can start taking classes next semester and see how they are. Should I be worried about not getting in since I've been out of college for about 6 months? I've been informed that they do not reject ppl for the certificate, but I'm just curious. I barely made the deadline for it and I hope I get in!!

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    krbxtigerz- I am interested in applying to the certificate program in real estate @ NYU also. I have a score of 650 in GMAT and 6 months of experience in Real Estate. I am trying to decide if I need to take my GMAT's again to improve my chances.

    Did you get into the program? What kind of acceptance rate do they have in the program? Do you know what the average GMAT score for applicants is?

    Any information will be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot.

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