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Thread: Anyone at Ryerson with focus on active transportation???

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    Dec 2009

    Anyone at Ryerson with focus on active transportation???


    I am applying to Ryerson and was wondering if anyone happens to be there and focussing in any way on active transportation (e.g., walking, biking) and/or knows of some other students or faculty doing so.

    If it is too specific, perhaps I might try to tie it into the schools ecological or cultural diversity focus in my letter of intent, but at present I am not sure exactly how I might do this...any ideas? Of course, those outside of Ryerson might also have some ideas in this regard. However, I should add that I have not seen anyone on faculty with an interest in this area so it does have me a little worried.

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    May 2009
    Toronto, Ontario
    There is no one on faculty who specifically does research on active transportation. But remember, this is a professional planning degree so research is a small component of the work. One faculty member has been actively involved in the efforts of Metrolinx but this is not her primary focus of research. Paul Hess at UofT Geography/Planning is a leading scholar on active transport.

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