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Thread: Public access: it's still around!

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    Public access: it's still around!

    I was flipping through the lower channels this morning, something I don't do that often since most are low resolution. On Channel 13, one of the public access channels, I came across some kind of new agey show; a woman with a breathy new agey voice, counseling others about "healing", "sacred space", "wisdom of our ancestors", and the like.

    I think you can tell a lot about a city by what's on their public access channel. In Buffalo, programming is dominated by armchair quarterbacks, storefront churches, garage bands doing covers of 1980s rock hits, and replays of feelgood events like concerts by handicapped children.

    In the town where I live now, you'll see a lot of experimental and performance artists, left-leaning politics, new age and spirituality-related shows, and guys in beards on public access. Like this.

    ZG will want to FF to 9:00.

    It's not just beards.

    NSFW for language

    What's on your public access channel?
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    Currently one channel is running public announcement slides, one is malfunctioning, and the other is running little health and safety PSAs: take calcium and vitamin D to prevent bone loss, use smoke detectors, avoid mercury and lead exposures, Internet safety for children, etc. There's no schedule listed on the channel guide though.

    Portland, OR always had really interesting public access channel programming. One of my favorite ones was two hosts definitely from an emo type subculture that was a call in show. They'd play a communal game of chess during the show-the caller would select a chess move.
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