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Thread: Marginalized groups, physical activity, social justice and involvment in decision making?

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    Dec 2009

    Marginalized groups, physical activity, social justice and involvment in decision making?

    Thanks for the response to my earlier threat ColoGI!

    In reflecting upon your comments I wonder whether I would be better served apply my experience in physical activity in the context of mental health populations to consider:

    1) how urban planning (e.g., land use, urban design) provide differential opportunities for physical activity to different groups (e.g., the marginalized, and even different cultural groups)...for example, how sport parks were designed for activities (e.g., big tracks) that no longer hold true for multicultural populations and might be rethinked


    2) how marginalized groups might be better involved in planning decision in general.

    In your opinion should I explore the notion of marginalized groups having fewer opportunities to partake in physical activity to explore/address the other planning related health challenges they also face in their physical environment(essentially use it as doorway into this broader area ) or use my experience with marginalized population to explore the broader area of how marginalized population are included within planning related decision making? Which avenue might me more logical and fruitfal in practice?

    Or are these topics too narrow or off the mark to present to a graduate chool admission comittee?

    Forgive my meandering as I try to find my place in this exciting field and of course, all of your comments and suggestions as to what things and sources i might consider are greatly appreciated.
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