Given the lack of response I got on my earlier thread, on considering urban planning in the context of sites that support active recreation amongs citizens(see below), I am considering choosing something more topical and tangible in addressing the potential role of large sporting events and facilities in terms of social/cultural inclusion/integration (to address the graduate departments concerns) and urban regeneration in general. Of course, I could also address the departments secondary focus by considering how such facilities serve to model and promote (or not) positive environmental practices and in terms of my own interests, active urban living?

As such events and facilities in regeneration appears to be a very important issue in general and in light of recent projects in Canada in particular (e.g., Pan Am Games, Olympics), I thought this might give me enough clarity and specificity in my statement while still leaving me open to demonstrate a sensitivity to varius urban planning implications on a broad level (e.g., affordable housing, public participation, environment, economic, physical activity, cultural diversity etc.) .

Do you feel that this would be a good approach to the statement in terms of addressing some fundamental areas of planning while being substantively specific, or do you think I am actually spreading myself to thin in terms ofeding to focus on one specific aspect of such a project?

Of course any other suggestions you might have on this topic would also be greatly appreciated! Thank you once again!