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Thread: Planning + MPA?

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    Planning + MPA?

    In my grad program, there are a growing number of people pursuing dual degrees in planning and public administration. In today's world, are people with both degrees more likely to become the next PD?

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    No. People with good people skills that can complete quality projects and are in the right place at the right time can become Planning Directors.

    Students freak-out way too much about getting into the right schools or the right programs. In reality you can graduate from Harvard and be as dumb as a tree stump. Passion is worth infinitely more than the name of the degree on your diploma.

    If you like policy or managing government an MPA is a viable option. If you like to draw pretty pictures and use $5 words youd probably be happier in Planning.

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    Dec 2009
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    As a current MPA student, my thinking (based on my limited experience) is that, to be a director of a planning department, or any department for that matter, an understanding of managment, finance, organization, etc. could be extremely helpful. My PD is extremely knowledgable, but a horrible manager. Sure, the right kind of person could manage a department without the MPA, but I'd like to have that background before taking on a whole department. Maybe I'm just trying to validate my own academic choices, but the MPA certainly won't be a detriment.

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    I have the dual you speak of, and it definitely helped me in the public sector. Private sector, not so much.

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