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Thread: Are "complete streets" a big deal

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    Dec 2009

    Are "complete streets" a big deal

    Hey guys, just read something about 'complete streets' n surprised I have not heard much about this specific concept earlier.

    Seems like a good idea so so I am not sure why there is opposition? What are your thoughts.



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    "Complete Streets"

    It's kindof an umbrella catch-phrase to come out of the Smart Growth movement that's used to characterize the incorporation of "good design" into roadways, whether it's transforming large roads through residential areas into bike/ped friendly streets with easy access to public transport or starting from scratch in new development, it's just an all-encompassing term for liberally pulling different smart growth development theories to incorporate all modes of transport in a given area.

    Check out the videos at StreetFilms for some examples of complete streets in action.

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    Jan 2005
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    I think they are a pretty comprehensive way to require a specific pedestrian friendly environment. Problem is that they are not liked by Engineers (Especially those taught prior to 1990). Many engineers do not want to have to worry about anything other than cars.

    There are a ton of websites out there with more information on complete streets, but one that I like is the main one NCSC or www.completestreets.org
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    May 2005
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    Complete Streets, like New Urbanism, is just one branded term for an idea that goes by many names. Multi-modal corridors, Complete Streets, Livable Streets, Multi-way Boulevards, etc. They are all getting at the same thing - integrating a wide range of transportation options into a shared public ROW. Complete Streets appears to be the title of choice for the APA right now and they have an official partnership with the Complete Streets Coalition to do some additional research into this topic.

    Its about frickin' time, too. Complete streets are the norm in so many parts of the world and they can be remarkable, exciting, dynamic places. From Europe to Latin America, Canada, even China, this is more than just a trend. Its common sense.
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    Jul 2009
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    Quote Originally posted by sneakers View post

    Seems like a good idea so so I am not sure why there is opposition? What are your thoughts.
    As I wrote in the other thread with the very same question, certain ideologies and vested interests don't like them because CSS deemphasizes autocentricty, which they use as bad, as a meme they use is autocentricity is a key to Murrican Fraydum.

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    There's a slideshow on this website. My fellow Effective/League/Bike Ed/Bicycle Driving ** instructors have issues with slides 8 and 12, and I noticed another one with a two-way bike lane on one side of a street "protected" by a concrete berm.
    Otherwise, it's a decent production.

    **just like the sponsoring assn, they keep changing the name

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