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Thread: Specialization vs. general interest

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    Specialization vs. general interest

    Hi all. I'm a first year urban planning student at a university which does NOT insist that all students select a specialization. This seems odd to me considering the other planning schools I looked at advised all students to select a specialization (like a major) though they were all URP schools and the one I am with now is UP only. At first I thought of this as a positive because I am not entirely sure what I want my focus to be yet; I am interested in a schizo-like wide range from sustainability to economic development to social issues and have even considered taking a more research oriented route. At the same time, it seems like there's an advantage to having a specialization because companies or municipal organizations will be more inclined to hiring someone who fits a specific need that they have. Is it true that having a specialization with your MUP gives you an advantage over a general-interest route?

    I am also continuing with a GIS course and considering the certification. It seems like this might open doors.

    Any input? Thanks.

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    Even if you don't have an official specialization, you will naturally build an interest in certain areas. You will then gather knowledge and expertise in these areas and talk about them with potential employers, so don't worry about not having something specific written on your degree when you're done.

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