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Thread: Summer planning jobs Toronto GTA

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    Feb 2010

    Summer planning jobs Toronto GTA

    Hey all, this is my first time on the forums.

    i was wondering if anyone could give me advice on where to look for summer planning jobs. any job boards or anything? what time frames are best to look?

    i am currently doing the 2 year plab program at Ryerson. I have an undergrad in geography.

    Last summer i did some GIS work but im looking to get into something more professional and planning related.

    hope to hear from you guys soon!


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    Feb 2007
    I can't say if you could consider it more professional than your past experience, but you can apply to work at the Toronto Employment Survey for the City of Toronto. Ask your peers - lots of Ryerson undergrads have worked there in past years. It gives you a good opportunity to learn about the quantitative side of research that informs City Planning policy work.

    More information here: http://www.toronto.ca/demographics/surveys.htm

    I would begin checking out the city of toronto online job boards around February, in order to keep a look out for the position's posting this year.

    Other than that, you can start sending out your resumes now to municipalities outside of Toronto, I think they'd be more willing to hire undergrad interns compared to Toronto.

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