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Thread: Ball State MURP

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    Jul 2009

    Ball State MURP

    Did anyone else apply to this program? I just got accepted. Its my first acceptance, pretty excited!

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    Feb 2010
    Front Range, CO
    Not applying, but graduated from Ball State with a BA in Landscape Architecture. I really liked the program. Good luck

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    Sep 2009
    Ball State University

    currently at BSU

    Hello, I am currently in my final semester of the MURP program at Ball State. Although I plan to graduate in July.

    I think you should email me with any specific questions you have, and I would be glad to answer them or to direct you to the faculty member who would be most able to answer it.

    A few thoughts about BSU's program, off the top of my head:

    The program is focus on practice, not theory - though there is a fair dose of theory in the curriculum.

    The faculty is welcoming and helpful. You won't have trouble accessing them.

    We have a new department chair who is I think, going improve the program greatly during your time here (if you choose BSU)

    We're reviewing candidates for a new instructional position.

    Department Specialties
    Land-use/zoning/Law: Eric Kelly
    Economic development: Bruce Frankel
    Transportation: Francis Parker
    Site/Physical Planning: Vera Adams/Paul Folger
    Community Based Planning / Sustainability: Scott Truex
    Housing Development: Michael Burayidi
    Theory: Nihal Perera

    The most apparent strength of the program is the students who are a part of it. We are very supportive of one another and the second year's are always informal mentors to the first years.

    One shortcoming about the program is, I believe, the a lack of instruction offered about software/technology applications to the profession. Courses are only offered on alternate semesters because it is a smaller program.

    If you have experience with GIS, Adobe (everything), SPSS you'll be ahead of the game.

    Again, email me dewalker@bsu.edu I will be glad to continue this conversation....

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    Jan 2005
    Hang on Sloopy...land
    Quote Originally posted by Kingmak View post
    Did anyone else apply to this program? I just got accepted. Its my first acceptance, pretty excited!
    I think you will find numerous Ball State grads on this board whether it be from Undergrad of Grad. Ball State is a good program. They continue to staff with talented and friendly professors (some more than others).

    I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I think the program and its interaction with LA and Arch is a huge benefit. I think if they taught a bit more "real world" planning it would be helpful, but you will get a great base of knowledge.

    Good luck!
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