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Thread: Breaking into the planning field?

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    Breaking into the planning field?

    Hi all,

    Recently finished an honours BA in an unrelated subject. I have always planned on getting some kind of professional degree afterwards, and I am very interested in urban planning.

    It seems there are a variety of ways to break into the field; I have no experience at this point. What would be the best option in the midst of these troublesome economics times?

    1) Do an accelerated BA? (2 years)
    2) Do an associate degree, work as a planning tech and gaining experience, then apply for an M.Plan?
    3) Go right into an M.Plan with no experience etc.?
    4) Do something else? - for example, GIS?

    Thanks for any help/insight!

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    Cyburbian Masswich's avatar
    Nov 2002
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    I think the best option would be #3, although it would help to take a couple of college-level courses in planning first if you really have no related background.

    If the economy were better I'd just try to get an internship at a planning agency or consulting firm to get some relevant experience first.

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    Jan 2005
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    I agree with Masswich if you can get in. You can always just volunteer at a planning agency while doing other work as well to get some experience. Many master's programs want some type of experience now, but many still do not require that you have any.

    If you can get a planning tech job that would be great... but it seems like many of them don't exist anymore. If all else fails, going back to school for anything MURP, MPA, etc. at least makes you more marketable. It just depends on what you are willing to spend for that marketability.

    Good luck!
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