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Thread: TOD design examples

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    TOD design examples

    Looking for examples of TOD with respect to parking, density, distance to BRT, light rail, etc. Pictures would be great showing unique design and style.

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    Reconnecting America has a lot of useful information, including an image bank.

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    I've been designing TOD's for about five years now. They vary significantly depending upon some of the following factors. Downtown area versus suburbs. Eastern US versus Western US. Very high density (50+ du/acre) versus high density (30 - 50 du/acre). Amount of commercial / office versus the amount of residential. Type of transit (Commuter Rail, Light Rail, BRT).

    Sorry to complicate things but TOD's vary significant depending upon what you are looking for.

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    You may want to check out the Center for Neighborhood Technology and their work on TOD's.

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