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Thread: Updating multi-hazard mitigation plans

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    Cyburbian Plus
    Jun 2003

    Updating multi-hazard mitigation plans

    We have to/should do the 5 year update to maintain our CRS Class 8 Rating.

    If you have done or are working on your update, how did you do yours -
    in-house or contract it out ?
    Who was in charge ?
    Any difficulties encountered ?

    Does anybody know what I am talking about ?

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    Cyburbian mike gurnee's avatar
    Feb 1998
    Greensburg, Kansas
    I know what you are talking about. In my last fair town, the Fire Chief was the lead on an in-house report. I would also conslult with your county disaster prepardness person (who may have such a report on the shelves).

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    Cyburbian Emeritus Chet's avatar
    Aug 2001
    South Milwaukee
    I previously worked for a to-remain-unnamed firm that specialized in FEMA Disaster Mitigation Plans and updates. It's easy work if your local in-house lead has the time and knows where to mine the data. It's all readily available online.

    The only time we ran into difficulties, is where my boss promised photo inventories of critical infrastructure components. Try cataloging culverts in winter. Bottom line, do the job required for the mandate and don't be a show off.

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