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Thread: Graduate student looking for work

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    Feb 2010

    Graduate student looking for work

    I will be graduating in May with a Master in Urban and Regional Planning with a GIS certificate. I have been interning for a city government the past 6 months. Prior to Grad school I worked as a financial analyst. I was wondering what the job outlook is like and how hard it will be find a job when I am finished? Also what kind of pay should I expect? Any help on this matter would be greatly appreciated even in these tough times.


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    Feb 2007
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    Welcome. Please search the threads regarding pay expectations etc. There is a search feature that is really helpful.

    Honestly, for new grad it is bleak. Very bleak. If you can, stay interning. At least it keeps you in the profession until you can get a full time job if it all possible. Good luck.

    Seriously folks, do some searching for answers before you post. Wealth of information. I like to help, but i feel like i say the same thing over and over.
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