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Thread: Sociology vs planning

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    Sociology vs planning

    I have been accepted to both sociology and planning PhD Programs. I am having a hard time....deciding which one I should choose. I got my undergraduate degree in architecture and just finished my masters urban planning degree. My goal has been to pursue a career as a professor.

    My biggest concern with planning is that only a few universities have planning programs and the job openings are pretty rare. If I couldn't get a job at the planning school, I might have to teach urban studies or geography at a liberal arts college that doesn't have any appropriate academic home - then I might have trouble getting a tenure. With sociology degree, I think I could apply to several open positions and opt to teach at a community college nonetheless.

    I am equally passionate about both fields. Although I am getting bigger amount of stipends from planning program, should I choose sociology over urban planning for future job opportunities?

    Any advice would be much appreciated! Thanks.

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    What do you exactly want to do as an academic?
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    You already have a masters in planning....get the Piled Higher and Deeper degree in Sociology
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    I am deleting my comment.

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    I want to do teaching as well as research on issues I am interested in.
    Ahhh......one second I think I should go with sociology......another second..I think I would be better off with planning degree.........

    Any more ideas/opinions....

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    Supply and demand balances out the job opps. For example, there are more schools that teach Soc., so there are more jobs listed. On the other hand, there are more schools that grant Soc. PhDs so there are more people on the market. And vice versa. It balances out. If you are good at either one, there are jobs for you. Thus, do the one that you find the most interesting. They both teach and research, but not about the same things... so which one do you prefer? Study the area you wish to work in. Simple as that (although you can always be a Soc. with a Planning focus, or a Planner with a Soc. focus - so I guess its not that simple...)

    Check out the salary ranges - that might influence your decision.

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