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Thread: US Census jobs: anyone hear anything?

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    Quote Originally posted by Salmissra View post
    You had the short form. I don't know anyone who got the long form - anyone here? Our short form took mere minutes to fill in. With no kids, there's just not a lot to write in.
    From what I understand, the long form no longer exists. They are relying exclusively on the American Community Survey to provide the long-form data. Basically, they are sacrificing a little bit of accuracy in order to update the long-form descriptive information every 2-3 years. I believe they have funding so that the ACS will address all CDPs rather than just those of a certain size.

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    Just got off the phone with a census hirer. Looks like I'll start training at the end of the month. When I had originally replied they said they would call early March but I guess that wasn't too accurate.

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