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Thread: Hi from California

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    Hi from California

    Hi everyone. I received a bachelors degree this past May and took several planning and urban geography courses. Right now I'm trying to get as much experience in planning before applying for grad school (Fall 2011) by volunteering at my city's planning department. I'm still young and don't have any planning experience expect for this.

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    Aug 2001
    The Emerald Coast
    Greetings from a northern California native transplanted to the Florida panhandle.
    Annoyingly insensitive

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    Aug 2004
    Central Texas
    Hello, from Dallas, TX!
    "We do not need any other Tutankhamun's tomb with all its treasures. We need context. We need understanding. We need knowledge of historical events to tie them together. We don't know much. Of course we know a lot, but it is context that's missing, not treasures." - Werner Herzog, in Archaeology, March/April 2011

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