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Thread: Study resources for RESNET

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    Mar 2010

    Study resources for RESNET

    I'm curious to know if anyone has taken a RESNET hers rater exam to be qualified to do energy ratings [essentially energy audits]? If so, what resources did you use to study for the exam? It seems like the courses are insanely expensive!

    Any and all information is welcome!


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    Dec 2003
    Heaven or Las Vegas
    I did a BPI course recently and just got the certification last week. As I understand BPI is similar to RESNET. It was paid for with Recovery funds that a local non-profit had obtained for job training. It probably would have been about a $2,000 course, though I never did ask the trainers what they were paid per student. So if you look around, you might find some free training available. All states were given funding for energy efficiency upgrades along with training. I've noticed there seems to be more energy auditor job notices in the colder states. I have yet to find a job in it here in Nevada. I think they look at my resume and see the LA degree and licensure and figure I will just go back to that as soon as the economy improves and so don't want to waste time with me.

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