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Thread: Do you do NEPA planning?

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    Do you do NEPA planning?

    If so, would you take a quick survey about the sources of delay and/or frustration that you've experienced in the NEPA process?


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    Biggest Sources of Frustration & Delay in the NEPA Process

    Thank you to those of you who participated in the Sources of Frustration & Delay in the NEPA Process survey that came out of the Re:NEPA "50% faster?" discussion here: http://nepa.fhwa.dot.gov/ReNEPA/ReNe...tab=DISCUSSION

    As of today, 98 NEPA professionals have completed the survey. As promised, below is an overview of the survey results.

    Sources of Frustration & Delay that Impact a Large Number of Projects
    * Increased documentation levels (i.e. EAs now EIS size)
    * Lengthy agency review or legal review
    * Minor comments from agency that don't improve decision-making
    * Over-documentation

    Sources of Frustration & Delay that Stop Projects or Cause Major Delays
    * Changes in project scope or unclear project scope
    * Lack of funding for the project
    * Lengthy agency review or legal review
    * Local controversy or lack of support

    If you're interested in more detailed survey results, you can check out this blog post: http://www.cubitplanning.com/blog/20...rocess-survey/ or you can email me at kcarney[at]cubitplanning[dot]com for a pdf with the survey results.

    What's Next
    I heard from several people that this data should be publicized in an article. I personally don't want to write or read another negative NEPA article. I think the next step for this project should be to get ideas from the NEPA community on how to address these issues. If we get good ideas for addressing these issues, then I will write an article about the survey data along with the ideas for potential solutions.

    I've gotten several excellent potential solutions in response to the survey field "If you could waive a magic wand…" and some people have expressed good ideas in the previous Re:NEPA 50% faster? discussion. If you have any other ideas for potential or partial solutions that specifically address the issues above, you can send your ideas to me privately via email or post your ideas below.

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