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Thread: Planning grad students and former MUPs: hang out with mostly planning students?

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    Planning grad students and former MUPs: hang out with mostly planning students?

    When I was in grad school (1994 through 1996, now get off my lawn!), the experience struck me as being radically different from the four-plus years of undergraduate classes in many ways. The amount and advanced level of schoolwork and research, the day-to-day interaction with professors and staff, and the isolation from those who were in other degree programs. I saw the same people day in, day out, from day one until I left with my MUP.

    At the University at Buffalo School of Architecture and Planning, I was in awkward spot compared to my fellow students; I was in my late 20s/early 30s, while most of my planning classmates were either very young students fresh out of their undergraduate programs, or much older adults in their late 40s and up returning to school. For some reason, most of my close friends in school were architecture students. There wasn't much crossover in the classroom, and the architecture and planning programs are in different buildings; planning in Hayes Hall, architecture mostly in Crosby. Still, I just seemed to click better with the architecture students. A reflection of my creative side?

    So, what about your experiences?
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    Slightly related I suppose, but there was a division of labor in my Master of Public Administration program. Muncipal employees (or students that wanted to be) had a tendency to hang out with one another. State employees (or students that wanted to be) did the same. I can't speak for the state folks, but the municipal students hung out all of the time and were known for pre-class happy hours.

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