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Thread: American Rivers Report - Natural Security

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    Jun 2003

    American Rivers Report - Natural Security


    Has anybody read it ? I am still reading it. great pictures.

    Any particular points that are meaningful to your fair community ?

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    Nov 2009
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    Thanks for the link. I have just finished up the case studies section and hopefully will have time to read the rest later today.

    The case studies are a nice compilation of restoration work in the US. I particularly enjoyed the section discussing dam removal in Maine.

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    Apr 2008
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    This is a very useful report as a starting point for those seeking to utilize green infrastructure approaches in their communities. I haven't seen many publications that frame the green infrastructure discussion in terms of resiliency toward climate change. Including data on flooding or CSO reductions is key, along with the potential cost savings. If you can give a project to a commissioner that says you'd only need to increase stormwater fees by $0.11 per year, it may have a chance. On the other hand, the report leaves out one of the BIG hurdles of implementing green infrastructure--the regulatory regime of your particular region/state that may not 'permit' some of these innovative approaches. I always think case studies are most useful when they admit to the problems experienced when implementing a program--but that doesn't make for pretty reports!

    Thanks for the link. I just read the ULI's 2009 Infrastructure report (http://www.uli.org/sitecore/content/...re%202009.ashx) which had me in the right frame of mind to be thinking about green infrastructure.

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