I'm looking to learn of any experiences (positive or negative) that local planners in California have had in working with school districts to change/oppose a proposed school site and/or design.

My experience asking this question locally is that the immediate response will be, "why get involved...the schools just exempt themselves!" (per CA Gov Code 53094: 2/3rds vote of the Board can overrule city/county ordinance). But I don't want to assume that all areas are like mine so I am looking for other experiences which either confirm this is standard or if anyone actually uses these provisions in the code to respond (with or without a positive effect).

There are opportunities to formally respond to a project proposal under the state code (in addition to the CEQA process). The local land use authority is authorized to report to the State Allocation Board and/or the school district. Again, the local comment here would be, "...that is tilting at windmills...why waste the time & resources...?" so I'm asking if anybody out there makes use of these provisions and whether or not those actions are productive or not. If there is a better, more effective way to respond I'm all ears.

If anyone has good examples or best practices types of information on addressing school sites in a general plan I would appreciate that as well.

Thanks in advance for sharing any information/observations/advice/experiences you may have.