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Thread: I need a definition and relevant examples of passive recreation & active recreation

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    Dec 2006

    I need a definition and relevant examples of passive recreation & active recreation

    I know it sounds stupid, but what's the difference between active and passive recreation? What is a "passive" recreational activity? What is an "active" recreational activity?

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    Passive recreation= A field of green grass or any open public space concurrently used for another intermittent use/purpose (drainage detention, retention...) Passive most of the time....nice to look at....someone could come along and setup a frisbee golf, coquet or lawn dart game at any time.....
    Active recreation= A playground, ball fields, indoor pool/recreation facility, any recreational area that includes significant infrastructure for the purposes of active sports or organized events.
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    Active Recreation -
    that involves playing fields and team participation such as baseball, soccer, lacrosse, etc.

    Passive Recreation -
    without fields, more generally trail- based hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, wildlife viewing, picnicking, etc.

    Good definitions at: http://www.gastateparks.org/content/...troduction.pdf
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