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Thread: St. Louis needs to embrace immigration

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    St. Louis needs to embrace immigration

    Great article on new discussion in old, industrial, depopulating cities --- how to leverage immigration as a tool for growth and prosperity for all?


    Here's an exceprt of "St. Louis Needs to Embrace Immigration":

    For one thing, St. Louisans aren't very entrepreneurial. We consistently rank low on measures of business startup activity.

    "For another, immigrants are rare here. Just 4 percent of the metro area's residents are foreign-born, well below the national average of 12.5 percent.

    The two shortfalls, in immigration and in entrepreneurial spirit, are related. Various studies show that immigrants are far more likely to start businesses than are native-born Americans. Up to half of the technology firms in Silicon Valley, including Google and Yahoo, were founded or co-founded by immigrants.

    If St. Louis wants to have a more vibrant economy, then, one item on our to-do list is obvious:

    We must find a way to attract more immigrants."

    richard herman

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    I am very interested in what people have to say abut his here. Though I am Hispanic, my family has been in the US for almost 100 years, but I am very familiar with how some people react to immigrants.

    In my opinion, the most vibrant cities in this country are those that have lots of immigrants. Those without them seem to be dying. But as the article says, just wanting immigration is not enough. One has to establish that a city is welcoming.

    Not an easy thing to do

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    Nov 2009
    The Glass City
    This is interesting. I would like to get into the meat of some of their assumptions and see some data being discussed (I'll see what I can dig up later this week).

    Two questions immediately come to mind after reading the article.

    1- What kind of effects can we anticipate in the long run with an increase in our national population?

    2- Should it be determined that the benefits of economic stimulation to a distressed area outweigh any negative impacts the nation as a whole may receive, then what can a local or regional government do to minimize the prejudices that have historically been shown to develop following a sudden change in the culture of a population?

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