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Thread: Software used for development review tracking?

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    Nov 2009
    SoDoSoPa, Colorado

    Software used for development review tracking?

    I'm curious to know what folks are using in their respective agencies as a means to amass, compile, and display comments in their respective development case review processes. I recall back in the early days of planning review, typing up comments in Word and then sending this to the project planner, the process has evolved into commenting staff entering their comments directly into a system. We're currently using an Access database, but are in the process of having Accela implemented as it offers the citizen access component, tracking features, and more advanced features than a typical Access database among other things.

    Not sure how common Accela is, but to me it seems like while Accela may be a fine tool for the folks on the building permitting and inspection side (who enter comments that are typically no more than a sentence, when inspecting let's say the framing on a house), the software leaves a lot to be desired in terms of entering detailed comments directly into the system. Bottom line, the review staff desire the functionality of a word processor but the program seems inherently a database first, and word processor last.

    What system and approach does your agency use to enter, compile, and display commenting data as well as information on the project application?

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    Aug 2009
    Northern VA, USA
    We're 'testing' a system built by the ACOE (Dr Chex) for trading comments and responses now. It is similar in that it is made for a punch list, not a real in-depth review. I relate, it is a frustrating prospect to use such a limiting tool. Many here are rooting against it because it is bulky, non-intuitive, and redundant. We have a separate homemade database for storing docs, tracking the timeline, etc. that works pretty well. The thing we are testing is strictly for comments on applications.

    Our current way to store, display, and convey comments is Word doc that is stored in a DB2 database. And it works well. We aren't drywall installers, after all.

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