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Thread: Extensions on admissions decisions

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    Extensions on admissions decisions

    One of my programs that I have been admitted to requires a deposit and notice of acceptance by May 1, however I won't have all the information that I need to know whether or not that is a good choice for me. Unfortunately I do not have a concrete date where I would know. What's the most amount of time that I could reasonably ask for in an extension? One week, two weeks, a month? Should I just ask the question open ended and see what they tell me is their maximum amount of time? At the end of this I would like to accomplish two things: not burn any bridges by committing and then having to back out, and not eating a deposit (although $250 sounds pretty low compared to what some schools like Columbia's are.)

    Advice and thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

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    Feb 2010
    new brunswick, nj
    I don't mean to sound like I'm advocating being rude, but asking for an extension shouldn't be a big deal (and wasn't for me). If you really need that last admit response to be able to make a decision, then ask for the extension until May 1ish. If you can winnow some of your choices now do it.

    I ended up not using my extensions because I realized I was just procrastinating my decision. But I think these schools are reasonable enough to understand that this is a major decision that requires careful consideration, and they won't take it personally.

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