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Thread: More and more planners on Twitter

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    More and more planners on Twitter

    At the APA conference this past week, over 1,000 tweets were sent during the conference. Planners were using Twitter to recommend sessions, tweet out interesting facts learned, help others find good lunch places, catch up for face to face meetings, etc.

    From the conversations that I was having, it sounded like more and more planners are beginning to use Twitter as a public involvement tool for their projects as well as to communicate and connect with other planners at events like the APA 2010 conference. A quick overview of Twitter use at the conference is here in case someone isn’t familiar with Twitter:
    Twitter Use by Planners at the APA 2010 Conference

    Just wondering if anyone here has found Twitter to be a useful tool—either for planning projects or for professional connections?

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    I stopped using twitter when I found out that burger king was using it. It has a reputation for extreme uncoolness around here now.

    But I am curious. Does anyone use it for public outreach?

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    You are not alone in viewing twitter as uncool. At the APA conference, people’s reactions to Twitter ranged from “Twitter is stupid and is going to die in a year” to “Twitter is an amazing resource and I want to use it for my projects.”

    Below are a few planning projects that are using Twitter.
    Only if it’s interesting, you can see these projects & get a little more info in this Slideshare presentation: http://www.slideshare.net/kcarney/why-planners-should-be-on-twitter-today?from=ss_embed

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