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[last week in sector 4 of the I Just Don't GET IT zone]
Me: I'm sorry sir, but this shed was erected without a permit and appears to exceed the maximum 25% lot coverage. You'll need to remove it by xxx or obtain a variance and a building permit.
Clueless: NO, you don't understand this shed is demountable.
Me: Yes....and your point?
C: Well, that means it's not in a permanent location. It can be moved.
Me: I understand. However, it still requires a permit and exceeds the maximum lot coverage, which would require a variance in order to remain.
C: How dense are you? I said it's a demountable structure! Do you want me to pay ten homeless guys to come here and lift it up to prove it.
Me: Only if those homeless guys proceed to permanently remove it from the property.
C: Fine. And then they can move it back!
Me: Look, whether or not the shed can move is not at issue. It's sitting on the ground and therefore considered a 'structure' under the zoning code and requires a permit and counts towards lot coverage. Period.
C: Okay, so I'll put it up on stilts so it's not touching the ground.....