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Poll results: Got Counter?

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  • It's a big part of my job and I love it! (please give your Prozac dosage below)

    5 14.71%
  • It's a big part of my job and I hate it! (please give your alcohol or illicit drug usage below)

    3 8.82%
  • I fill in when the admin is out

    12 35.29%
  • NFW, that's for the little people, LP

    4 11.76%
  • We are completely online, nano-nano

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  • I work in the private sector, have a cookie

    4 11.76%
  • What is this Counter of which you speak?

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  • I'll have a Salami on light rye

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  • Other

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Thread: Work the counter much?

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    Cyburbian Salmissra's avatar
    Aug 2004
    Central Texas
    At my last position, there was a lot of counter work. Submittals and addressing made up the most, plus throw in the other department's doing research in the archives, confused residents in the wrong place, and lots of people who thought our counter was a convenient place to stop and talk on the phone. I had to kick several people out, and they always got upset. I would just point to the "No cell phone use in the office" official posted sign, and they would shuffle off into the hall.

    This position doesn't have any designated counter. Occassionally someone comes by with a question, but on the whole it's a much quieter place. I don't miss the counter at all.
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    Cyburbian SW MI Planner's avatar
    Feb 2002
    Quote Originally posted by dandy_warhol View post
    We don't have a counter. We have a nasty receptionist. Our Planner 1 handles most walk-ins and if he is unavailable I fill in.
    Same here, though my admin assistant is great!

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    Cyburbian Joe Iliff's avatar
    Aug 1997
    Clowns to the left, jokers to the right
    Since the whole department is really just three of us, we all spend some time at the front counter. I'm glad that my administrative assistant and building inspector field as many phone calls and counter customers as they do. And the public works AA fills in as well, doing a great job.

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    Cyburbian MacheteJames's avatar
    Jun 2005
    NYC area
    Oh whoops, I thought you wrote "corner", not counter. Gotta make ends meet, you know?

    In all seriousness, we don't have a front counter but we do have a front desk near the door that is staffed by our admin assistant/planning & zoning clerk. She's awesome, very good at her job, and makes the whole place run like clockwork. I think dealing with the unwashed masses has made her kind of neurotic and cynical, but that probably applies to our whole office.

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    Cyburbian Raf's avatar
    Feb 2007
    Playing at a movie theater near you
    Since starting my new gig last week, the staff has placed me at the counter 24-7. I field all the lovely calls regarding acessory structures, Home Occupancy Permitts, can i do this on my property, etc. Doing private sector planning for almost 6 years has given me a new found appreciation for "helping" people, so yea, I actually really enjoy working the counter and then going back to my cube to do plan checks, process permitts, and do a little advanced planning. Then again, I am heavily medicated due to allergies right now and I am sure the newness of the counter will wear off in like 3 months,
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    Apr 2009
    unfortunately since staff has been cut I find myself working the counter and phones more than I plan but customer service is part of the job. My pet-peeve is when the business license analyst comes to ask me if a particular use is allowed in a district and I ask if she has looked in our code and her response is, "Yes, and it says its permitted." There's your answer. Being the planner, zoning administrator and secretary to the planning commission can get overwhelming at times.

    What really peeves me is when I'm taken away from Cyburbia to work the countyer

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