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Thread: Power Point timing

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    Apr 2005
    Section 14-12-7, 3rd PM

    Power Point timing

    I'm preparing a photo essay on a Power Point presentation. I'd like to keep the presentation to around 20 minutes. I'm afraid much longer and I'll start losing the audience. My presentation is getting quite long. I'm to the point where I'm going to have to shorten the presentation or shorten the view time for each slide.

    How long do you think is needed to view a photo slide? At what point do you start wishing the presenter would move to the next?


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    May 2003
    Northwestern Ohio
    This Bear generally follows this plan.....

    Allow 5-8 seconds per/slide, if it is a photo.
    If it is a photo that you are describing, more time (naturally).
    Assume that there are some slow readers (as in the folks I PP to), so allow at least enough seconds to slowly read verbage.
    If a certain photo is a key part of your PP, consider adding the verbage so it pops on the screen a line at a time.
    If you have graphs, make them as simple as possible. Too much info wrecks a PP graph.

    Just my thoughts.

    Historical preservation gig? Just curious. Good luck.


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    Jun 2003
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    You might look at a pecha kucha style presentation: 20 slides @ 20 seconds a slide. You may not be able to cut it that short, but attempting to do so will help you to get rid of unnecessary information and hold the attention of your audience.




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