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Thread: Possible alternatives to APA

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    Cyburbian The One's avatar
    Mar 2004
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    Possible alternatives to APA

    Anyone ever heard of these organizations? If you are or were a member, tell us about it.

    The Rural Sociological Society (RSS)


    The Community Development Society


    Regional Studies Association


    The National Rural Economic Developers Association

    Yes, I know about ULI, CNU, LEED and IEDC
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    Cyburbia Administrator Dan's avatar
    Mar 1996
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    I wouldn't call them APA alternatives, but rather covering different but related specialties.

    I'm a happy APA member. Sure, I wish they would be more proactive in handling the current employment situation, I wish they would do more lobbying to promote sound planning practices, and they don't seem to be doing much about low pay in the field relative to education. Still, they're very good with conferences, continuing education, publications, and attempts to reinforce the legitimacy of the profession.

    I'm also a CNU member, which reminds me that I have to renew my membership. I may join the CIP, if they have an unemployed planner's rate.
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