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Thread: Book on Canadian, or even Toronto, planning scene?

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    Dec 2009

    Book on Canadian, or even Toronto, planning scene?

    can anyone suggest a good book on the canadian, or even toronto specific, planning scene? One that would speak to the overall policy and legal framework in an informative text book style, as well as reference historical and present developments etc. in a more narrative fashion

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    Nov 2002
    Ocean to the east, land to the west
    There is a book called "Toronto Sprawls" - actually sort of a series of essays. I forget the author. Its clearly got a strong opinion that the sprawl of Toronto is actually the fault of government policies. Don't know whether its libertarian or what. But as an outsider to Toronto planning, it was at least helpful to get the primer.

    There is also a good comparative planning book by J. Barry Cullingworth called The Political Culture of Planning. It looks at the US, UK and Canadian systems and compares/constrasts. Its out of print but you might still be able to find a copy.

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    maudit anglais
    May 1997
    John Sewell's "The Shape of the City", though written in 1993 is still somewhat relevant I think. He's written some other books on planning in Toronto and Canada as well.

    There is always the old stand by: Hodge's "Planning Canadian Communities" It was probably your Plan 100 textbook back in the day!

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