I think I've asked this question before, but I wanted to repost it just in case I haven't to see if I get any help.

The city I work for is embarking on a project to update it's rather old sign rules (which date back to the late 90's), many of which don't even contemplate things like digital third party advertising signs.

I've been doing some research on the issue and I know many states ban them in terms of being located on state highways and many cities have them banned or a moratorium. I'd be very interested to read the rules that cities (which allow them) have and if they have any policy documents related to these uses.

We use a development control bylaw; where many uses such as this are 'discretionary' and subject to appeal. Currently, signage doesn't really have much policy to support Development Permit decisions - so I'm trying to get a sense if other cities have any policies related to cities or development context (pedestrian oriented buildings versus say a sector shopping centre with big box retail).