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Thread: How to file and address properties with multiple names for one person?

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    Dec 2008
    the delta

    How to file and address properties with multiple names for one person?

    We have a large Hispanic population which culturally uses many more names than Anglo populations . Often times the informal name, the legal name, the name on a property title, etc. will all be different yet it will be the same person. We've run into slight issues when discussing documents for people under different names. For example, a permit will be filed under Jose Ramirez, another will be filed under Joe Ramirez and a third will be filed under Jose Cordoba but they will all be the same person, Jose Manuel Ibarra Ramirez-Cordoba. How can we properly file (when not using property address as a basis) or discuss issues without causing cultural harm or office embarrassment? I have seen cases where the name on a passport and a driver's license are even different for the same person. Thanks!

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    Feb 1998
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    Lawyers will tell you to use the name on the title. My first note in the file would contain all the "also known as's". Address is the best way.

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