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Thread: Program management

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    Program management

    If any of you are interested in program management techniques used at the larger end of the scale you can read a blog entry I did last year about new airport building works. The works involved over a hundred different 'projects', all of which were happening at different times, involving different people and having different budgets etc.


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    I attended a seminar lately about 4D scheduling and 5D cost control, linked back to 3D BIM models. My studies are taking me into the area of cost control and legal contracts these days (using the down time to fill in gaps in my knowledge). Here are a couple of articles on that sort of thing I came across today.



    Both articles are worth a look, and relate back to my original blog entry link above in many ways - the same sort of line of logical thinking.

    The big difference is, that the Construtech articles deal with the tasks of building contractors to do estimation more efficiently. My blog entry linked above describes a much higher level (above that of project managers with responsibilities for individual projects), and has to do with financial management on behalf of the client organisation.

    Ways to manage very complex programs which have risk distributed across a hundred or more individual projects. That is the level where Oracle's Primavera tends to plug in.

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    The real flaw in design design management in the past - was where you had higher tier management brains, who didn't have access to digital workflows from their desktops.


    Nice tutorial webcasts here on AutoDesk 'Naviswork' product, which enables project managers on construction projects, to integrate together all of the various kinds of digital data that are normally separated in the same projects. The AutoDesk webcast describes a kind of way in which diverse disciplines working on the same design problem, can communicate together efficiently. Some of you interested in management of social networks and virtual communities, will find these webcasts of use.

    You might have to provide them with a log in of some kind, but very neat demo of what 'Navisworks' is all about.

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