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Thread: Rights of way ordinance

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    Rights of way ordinance

    Do you have a right of way ordinance? That is, an ordinance that governs the use of the public way - not traffic or loading zones but things like road opening for utility work, the blocking of sidewalks for construction purposes, putting a trash receptacle in a parking spot during construction, making improvements to a right of way as partof construction...

    Thanks for any help!

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    De Noc
    Selected from my fair city code that address your question -

    Chapter 12.05
    Article I. General Provisions
    060 Definitions.
    080 Loose material and sand, gravel and dirt loading and hauling requirements.
    110 Dragging objects on public ways.
    130 Painting or marking streets for advertisements.
    140 Obstructing public ways.
    150 Obstructing driver’s view.
    160 Playing in public way.
    170 Removal of snow and ice.
    180 Permit required for parade.
    190 Use of sidewalks.
    210 Signs in the right-of-way.
    220 Street cuts.
    230 Sidewalk construction.
    240 Driveway construction – Curbs.
    250 Sidewalk parks.
    260 Licensing of sidewalk contractors.
    320 Repair of streets or sidewalks.
    340 Powers of City.
    350 Uniform or badge required for inspection, installation, or repairmen.
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    Right of way is addressed in context of different regs, including sidewalks, building codes, and zoning, as well as by state requirements for state highway routes passing thru town.

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    What fringe said. Plus we have a Street Use License that allows encroachment into ROW or (more commonly) easements. Subdivision entry signs are allowed in the ROW by right. They last for 15 years and then have to be renewed.

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