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Thread: Urban planning and IT career

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    Jun 2010
    Melbourne, VIC, AUS

    Urban planning and IT career


    I am about to finish up with a double degree with majors in both Urban Planning and Information Systems (Pretty much IT). I was wondering what kind of interesting jobs combining these fields exist out there, that I may not be aware of? I would love to see if you can combine these fields. I find both of the career prospects from either major appealing I am also planning to do a Masters degree at some stage.

    Thanks for your time.

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    Nov 2007
    Los Angeles


    I think there's a total way to merge Urban Planning with IT.

    Look into GIS database/server maintenance. Or the whole GIS field in general. Especially if you know how to code scripts. I've been asked if I could do these in interviews.

    Cities are starting to implement interactive General Plans over the website. Those need maintaining as well.

    I actually wish I had some form of IT knowledge and am considering getting some certs in GIS and IT related certs.

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