I am a recent grad, graduated last year (2009) and after a year of applying I finally got an interview in Location Planning, involving mostly GIS, I aced the 1st interview which mostly was "what would you do if you had to deal of a difficult person" type qustions, the 2nd interivew is prob going to be alot of tech questions, im a little nervis as I was never good at GIS at school yet ive got an interivew for a job for GIS, guess I gotta study.

Anyways, everyone in this forum helped me out alot, from questions and resumes, thanks guys.

And to everyone who hasnt got an invterview yet, just apply even if u dont think ur going to get it, because I didnt think I would get an interivew for this, but I got 2 so far.

Good luck everyone (esp the grads)